Friday, April 3, 2020

Number Practice

"Today Addy worked on number recognition. I made a “pizza” with numbers and corresponding pepperoni slices. She matched the slices with the numbers to make a pizza. Then she wanted to make her own. We used bingo dabbers for her to trace her numbers."

Such creative ways to sneak in that number practice, Addy...way to go!

Emily's Fantastic Friday!

"Emily had dance this morning virtually. It's kept some normalcy in our routine! 

She also finished her sunflower today! She decided to give it to 'Nurse Bear' (her teddy she got at Fanny Allen when she had stitches in 2018) and we hung them in our front door window. 

Emily did her daily reflection and her brother helped her spell the words."

WOW!  You were busy on this fantastic Friday, weren't you, Emily?  So great to see that you and Brennan are working so well together and not driving your parents bonkers :)

Letter S Daily Reflection

S is for "Sanitizer People."  Oh, Cal...this made me smile :)  I love it!

Eamonn's Letter Practice

"E is for Ernest, Eamonn and Emily!"

"L is for Lexi, Lorelei and Liam!"

"S is for Sand!"

Nice work practicing the letter S, Eamonn!  Those can be SUPER tricky!

Thursday, April 2, 2020


Addy and Lily make some gorgeous sunflowers today!  Look at those beauties in the window (I love the little ladybug!).

Graham, your sunflower is fantastic!  Nice work!

S is for Sound Circle, Sailboats, Slithery Snakes and Sunflowers!

Awesome S sound circle, Graham!  You were super busy with even found a "smoothie maker!"  

S is for Sprinkling!

Emily looked at a picture of a sailboat on the computer and then drew her own.  Looks great, Em!

Eamonn and Liam pretend to be slithery snakes...yikes!

Ernest followed along with Ms. Karyl's sunflower project and then hung it in his window.  Ernest!  This makes my heart so's beautiful!

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

S is for Snake and Sophia!

S is for Snake!  Looks great, Charlie!

Someone is super excited to be the STAR of her letter S sound circle!

WOW!  Look at that STELLAR word list!