Friday, November 20, 2020

Daily Affirmations, Coral Reef Books and Letter C Scavenger Hunts!

Daily affirmations are a very powerful way to set your intentions and to remain in a positive headspace.  Being mindful of all that we have and all that we are can help us build our resiliency and face daily challenges and frustrations. Today we introduced our classroom affirmations.  We will check in with these daily and remind ourselves how awesome, strong and special that we are.
I am Strong and Determined.
I Matter.
I Choose My Attitude.
I Am Ready to Learn. 

Crosby figures out that he can make a pyramid by stacking the kinetic sand into a pile and then gently squishing the sides with one of our square tiles.  This sparks a conversation about 2D and 3D objects.  We talk about triangles and pyramids, circles and spheres and squares and cubes. What a great discovery!

Our letter C scavenger hunt in the classroom yields a pretty great sound circle!

Thanks for sharing your sock dragon with us creative!

Conor, the human Pokeball!

"Look, Ms. Christina, I'm a bird!  A bald eagle actually!"

Woah!  That's quite a garage!

During quiet choices, friends use a little help from Ms. Katie to draw a realistic Spiderman.  How's that for introducing meaningful technology into the classroom?  :)

We wrap up our Coral Reef exploration with a book of all that we've learned over the last two weeks.  Take a look in your child's backpack for their book.  We purposefully invited kiddos to take it home and work on it so that they could share their learning with you.  Enjoy!


Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Coral Reef Daily Reflections

We love wrapping up some of the work that we do in the classroom with related daily reflection questions.  Look at all of these amazing thoughts and ideas regarding the Coral Reef!

C is for Carrots!

Friends have begun writing both their first AND last names while signing in.  Check out Logan's first shot at writing Baldasaro.  Now THAT is NOT an easy name to write!  :)


C is for Construction!

C is for Construction vehicles!  We read the book Construction Zone and then match the various construction vehicles around the classroom with the photos in the book and the construction matching game/puzzle.

After reading the book Construction, we talk about the importance of safety equipment on the job sites of construction zones.  We also watch a short video clip of children going on a field trip to a construction site.  What do you see on this construction site?  What safety equipment are people using?  Which construction vehicles do you notice?

Our daily reflection really shows our learning!  Check out all of these wonderful observations about the construction work we have been doing :)